In 2019 I will be publishing my first book about oil trains and regulatory failure in America. The first chapter is here and the series of articles from the past five years is here. 

I continue to do regular video production for DeSmog including Wochit videos for social media.

I continue to do investigative journalism for DeSmog including my recent series on oil and gas industry financing. Naked Capitalism recently had this to say about the series:

“This is the latest installment in Justin Mikulka’s excellent series on the fracking beat, Finances of Fracking: Shale Industry Drills More Debt Than Profit. The industry lacks even the excuse of profit to justify the environmental costs it inflicts – yet  the mainstream media continue to swallow industry waffle. I’ve crossposted other articles in the series, and I encourage interested readers to look at them – the entire series is well worth your time.”

My articles have also appeared in In These Times, EcoWatch, Naked CapitalismTruthout, Energy Post (Europe), Alternet,  Nation of Change and The Contributor.