Oil Trains

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Trump and the Rail Industry Had a Great First Year Together

Washington Governor Inslee Rejects Major Oil-by-Rail Project

Rail Workers Acquitted in Trial on Deadly Lac-Mégantic Oil Train Disaster

Port of Vancouver Votes to End Lease for West Coast Oil-by-Rail Terminal

Rail Industry Requests Massive Loophole in Oil-by-Rail Safety To Extend Bomb Trains Well Beyond 2025

Are Oil Trains Just Too Heavy? No Regulations, No Weigh To Know

Luck Rides The Rails: Another Near Miss with an “Insane” Bakken Oil Bomb Train

The Crude Oil “Bomb Train” Story: Profits Over Safety

Rail Safety Report Card: Only 225 Of Over 100,000 Unsafe Tank Cars Were Retrofitted in First Year

Audit of Federal Railroad Administration Enforcement Reveals Serious Failures

Federal Railroad Administration Moves Forward on Rail Bridge Safety

Positive Train Control, Critical Rail Safety Improvement, Delayed for Decades

Nationwide Resistance To Crude Oil ‘Bomb Trains’ Gaining Momentum

There Will Be Blood – Oil Train Regulations Fail To Address Known Risks

Delta 5 Trial Set To Make History With “Necessity Defense” for Climate Action

New York Attorney General Petitions Government for Oil-by-Rail Volatility Standard

The Flipside of Accuracy: NPR Report on Oil and Ethanol Train Derailments Full of Industry Talking Points

“We Need Not Be Polite” Hears First National Conference On Oil Train Threats

Risky Shale Oil-by-Rail Expands Despite Lack of Spill Response Preparedness

Shutdown Spin: Oil and Coal Industries Confident Congress Will Concede to Rail Industry

Pre-emption: How and Why Rail Companies Are Above The Law

Oil-by-Rail Giant BNSF Threatens Shutdown Over Safety

 Half a Million California Students Attend School In Oil Train Blast Evacuation Zones

Most Recent Oil Train Accidents and Spills Involved ‘Safer’ CPC-1232 Tank Cars

Senate Working to Strip Braking Safety Requirements From Oil Train Regulations

DOE: Department of Evasiveness? More Government Delay Tactics as Bomb Trains Roll On

New and Improved Bomb Trains? Oil Industry Plans to Ship Even More Dangerous Light Oils

Blocking the Bomb Trains: Nationwide Protests On Lac-Megantic Anniversary

Cost of Doing Business? Oil Companies Agree To Pay For Some of Lac-Megantic Damages, But Not to Solve the Real Problems

BNSF President Greeted by Bomb Train Protestors in Chicago

New York State Reverses Decision, Requires Full Environmental Review of Tar Sands-by-Rail Facility

U.S. Military Concerned As Oil “Bomb Trains” Roll Dangerously Close to Nuclear Bomb Silos

New Oil-By-Rail Regulations Are Big Win for Oil and Rail Industries, Won’t Stop “Bomb Trains”

Why Was The White House Involved in North Dakota Oil-by-Rail Regulations?

New Report Warns of West Coast Tar Sands Oil Invasion

Congresswoman Declares Pipeline and Oil-by-Rail Regulatory System “Fundamentally Broken”

Rail Industry Lobbied Against New Oil-by-Rail Safety Regulations The Day After Rail Accident

Tar Sands by Rail Disasters: The Latest Wave in the Bomb Train Assault

Exploding Trains, No New Regulations, Record Industry Profits: The Oil-by-Rail Story

Singing Industry’s Tune: How Rep. Jeff Denham Plans to Delay Oil-by-Rail Safety Improvements

South Dakota Sen. John Thune Stumps For Oil-by-Rail Industry

Oil-by-Rail Reality: Watch What Industry Does, Not What They Say

Dangerous Oil Trains To Return to Lac-Megantic While Town Still Recovers

Calls to Ban Bomb Trains Ramp Up While Communities Await New Regulations

North Dakota’s Meaningless New Bakken Oil Regulations Will Keep Bomb Trains Rolling

Republicans Attempting Science: A Preview of the Republican-Led Senate

Rail Industry Fights Speed Limits, Brake Regulation in Quest for Profits

Oil-by-Rail Fuels Record U.S. Imports of Canadian Oil

Air Quality Concerns Raised By Albany Residents Living Along Oil-By-Rail Tracks

‘Wild West’ Approach to Regulation in Bakken Shale Means Bomb Trains Continue to Roll

Oil and Rail Industries Still Fighting Oil Train Safety Measures 23 Years and Counting

Government Accountability Office Report of Oil-By-Rail Safety Fails to Address Most Important Safety Issue

Bomb Trains Keep Rolling While Congressional Committee Bickers About Bakken Crude

Goldman Sachs Warns Investors About Tar Sands By Rail Challenges While Investing in Tar Sands By Rail

How Many Crude Oil Scientists Will Testify At Congressional Science Committee Hearing on Bakken Crude? Zero

Safety of Citizens in Bomb Train Blast Zones in Hands of North Dakota Politicians

All Aboard! Tar Sands Bitumen by Rail Set to Eclipse Pipelines Like Keystone XL

 Report Reveals Cost Cutting Measures At Heart Of Lac-Megantic Oil Train Disaster

Oil Industry Study Claiming Bakken Crude Safe Contains Whopper of a Disclaimer

Regulators Ignore One Proven Way to Eliminate Bakken Bomb Trains: Oil Stabilization

Obama Administration Releases Weak Proposed Rules On Crude By Rail After Industry Lobbying Blitz

Maine Residents Fight American Petroleum Institute Lobbyists Over Ban on Tar Sands Shipments

Exclusive: E-mails Reveal Feds and Rail Companies Pressured States to Keep Oil-by-Rail Information Secret

 Should CEOs Get Jail Time For Oil-By-Rail Accidents Like Lac Megantic?

Playing With Fire: U.S. Regulators Resort to Weak Voluntary Measures For Oil-By-Rail Safety

How This U.S. Rail Safety Measure Has Been Delayed for 44 Years … And Counting

No Community is Prepared for Major Oil-By-Rail Accident, Senate Hearing Told

Oil-By-Rail Scrutiny Ratchets Up Across United States

Feds Weaken New Oil-By-Rail Safety Regulations Days After Announcing Them

 Oil Shipments Turn Albany Into “Houston on the Hudson” As Communities Across Country Fight Oil-By-Rail Proposals

Why Nothing Is Being Done to Improve Oil by Rail Safety

New York Governor Cuomo Issues Executive Order on Oil by Rail Safety

The Invisible Bomb Trains