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“Despite this, U.S. oil majors have not written down or retired Permian assets or otherwise disclosed assumptions about project breakevens in their SEC filings. Instead, as analyst Justin Mikulka has shown, they have effectively used the media to disseminate an unsupported claim that their Permian assets will be among the world’s low-cost producers.”

Seb Kennedy is a must read on LNG markets. If you want to sign up for my newsletter he recommends, you can do that for free right here.

And, Justin Mikulka in “Great News for Clean Power and Storage” at The Daily Kos can probably relate as much as anybody and perhaps understands more than most. He writes: “There is a lot of great news in the clean energy space. We have the tools and technologies we need to transition to clean energy and eliminate carbon dioxide and methane emissions. That said, it isn’t enough yet. Emissions are still rising, including the potent greenhouse gas methane, and climate impacts are getting impossible to ignore. We need to get our politicians to do a lot more, a lot faster.”

I second that.

Justin Mikulka writes how great it is that the Biden administration is considering scrapping its plans to encourage natural gas plants to burn hydrogen.”

“Justin Mikulka is a great reporter who’s been on the energy beat for more than a decade and this piece draws attention to the incredibly important point that in addition to using the atmosphere as its dumping ground, the fossil fuel industry uses the literal earth as its dumping ground too, leaving taxpayers to clean up the mess of abandoned and idle wells that dot the country.” Amy Westervelt, Drilled

“While the trains are still burning, they’re rebuilding the rails,” Mikulka told Grist. “It’s again an excellent example of how they put profit over public safety.”

“Every potential opportunity to exploit oil and gas reserves in this country has been looked at in detail by experienced professionals,” said Justin Mikulka, a research fellow at the energy-transition think tank New Consensus. “We now have some people with no experience who are looking for a lot of public money to do this project, which raises a red flag. They will get paid handsomely if they are able to pull it off — that doesn’t mean it’s a good financial investment.”

“Economically, as a long-term investment, you want to be in green hydrogen,” said Mikulka of New Consensus. “And so I think that there’s a lot of risk in pursuing these blue hydrogen projects.” 

“Getting the world to use blue hydrogen made from natural gas gives the oil and gas industry a way to lock in decades of natural gas demand via blue hydrogen,” Mikulka said.

I was on Democracy Now to discuss my Intercept op-ed on the need for the U.S. to build a green steel industry and stop relying on imports from Russia and Ukraine.

The Intercept writes about how the rail lobbying group (Association of American Railroads) targeted me and my work and submitted it to security agencies. The truth is apparently a real threat to them.

My articles and op-eds have also appeared in Scientific American, In These Times, The Intercept, DeSmog, Drilled News, EcoWatch, Real Clear Markets, Truthout, Energy Post (Europe) and Nation of Change.