Over the last 20 years I have written and recorded 8 different albums with various musicians. The albums have piled up critical acclaim and received some college radio airplay, but have yet to gain a large enough audience to sustain a musical career.

False Positive is a band that’s tough to categorize—which might, after all, be the point. The songs feature a constantly shifting soundscape of acoustic guitar strumming, organ lines, fuzzy stabs of distortion and the plaintive, lamenting vocals of frontman Justin Mikulka. Mikulka’s voice channels wistfulness with such effortless shakiness that one wonders if he could do anything else. As long as songs like “Hasty Martyrs Sing Fantastic” and “Strike Up the Band” are as good as they are, it hardly matters.  Pop Matters

“…more talented than the competition. ...has the goods to become an amazing songwriter.” – The Big Takeover

“Pretty pop songs twisted into some eerie, cynical blues. …the results are amazing” – Ink 19

Mikulka’s sharp and barbed songwriting is matched by his firm grasp of catchy and compelling melodies, spare, yet tuneful arrangements, and haunting vocals. Moreover, there’s a strong feeling of pervasive anguish and despair and a welcome sense of restraint and subtlety which adds greatly to this album’s quietly shattering potency. An absolute powerhouse.” Jersey Beat